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Easy Pickings Locksmiths provides a wide range of locksmith services to both domestic and commercial clients in Leeds and the surrounding areas 24 hours a day 7 days a week. Some of the services we provide are:

Easy Pickings Locksmiths Leeds provide a 24 hour emergency locksmith Leeds service that covers the whole of Leeds and its surrounding areas all year round. We deal with all manner of lock and home security problems such as changing locks, gaining access to a property and upgrading locks to a safer security system. Our experienced emergency locksmith Leeds have dealt with all kinds of lock problems so no job is too big or to small.

24 Hour Emergency Locksmih

24 Hour Emergency Locksmith Leeds

Our 24 hour emergency locksmith Leeds are here to help you gain access 24 hours a day all year round. We understand the stress and inconvenience of keys breaking, being locked out or being broken into, that is why our professional team of local locksmiths guarantee the best quality security service and help you gain access to your property in a timely manner. We often gain entry to most properties without actually causing any damage at all.

Here are a list of the services we offer:

Whatever lock problem you may have we can find the solution. We deal with a wide range of lock problems on a daily basis all year round. So if your locked out, been broken into or just want a more secure lock installing we have it covered. We can guarantee that the service you receive form one of our team of 24 hour emergency locksmith Leeds will be professional and reliable. Leaving you feeling safe and secure at your property.

All our locks and products meet insurance standards and meet British Standard BS-3621 and we make sure we meet all of our customers need on time and on budget. For more information on our Leeds based locksmith services please contact us.

Commercial Locksmith Leeds

Our professional commercial locksmith Leeds services ensure that work carried out for our business clients is of the highest quality and ensures maximum security possible. Whether you have a pub, shop or business, Easy Pickings Locksmiths are at your service.

We offer a wide range of security solutions for your office and business premises. Our specialist business locksmiths deal with all manner of security issues, from security checks, lock picking and repair to access control. All work we carry out is guaranteed and always carried out by experts using the best tools available.

Our commercial locksmith Leeds service is available 24 hours a day 7 days a week so you can be sure that regardless of the time we will be on hand to help. We provide a fast response to all of our emergency call outs so you be assured that your business will be in safe hands with Easy Pickings Locksmiths.

We have a range of commercial clients in Leeds ranging from small local businesses and takeaways to large office buildings and industrial premises, well deal with a vast variety of different locks and are able to gain entry, repair or replace most locks for doors and windows, locks we commonly work with include, internal and external door locks, security shutter locks, retail and commercial bi-folding door locks, shop front doors, landlord and letting agents, lockers, roller shutter locks, aluminium doors, uPVC door locks for offices, nurseries and schools and a key alike service.

Here at Easy Pickings Locksmiths we pride ourselves on giving businesses, small or large the peace of mind that their business premises are secure 24/7. We can attend your business and carry out a security check and advise you on measures you can introduce in order to better protect your business form intruders.

If you are a business owner and need security advice, improvements or a reliable 24 hour emergency locksmith in Leeds then contact Easy Pickings Locksmiths. 

Easy Pickings Locksmiths writes blog posts on a monthly basis with helpful information pertaining to the locksmith industry, check out our blog for more information.

Burglary Repair Locksmiths Leeds

If you have been the victim of a break in at your home or commercial property, our locksmith Leeds team are on hand to help. We understand that this is a stressful and emotional experience so we provide a quick and reliable service to repair the damage caused by the break in and leave your property safe and secure.

Often when your property has been broken into the burglars will cause damage to the locks, doors, windows or handles when gaining entry. At Easy Pickings Locksmiths, our locksmith Leeds team are available around the clock to secure your home again and repair any damage caused by the break in.

Our team of experienced locksmith Leeds will turn up at your property with the van fully equipped to deal with any damage that has been caused to your property as well as the best locks on the market to leave your property more secure than it was before the break in. We will board up any broken windows and doors, replace damaged locks with more secure snap safe locks and repair any damaged handles.

Our Locksmith Leeds team are full of security knowledge so if you are concerned about the security of your property we can offer top advice and even implement safer security systems in your property if necessary. So if you have been the victim of a break in or you just want advice on how to better secure your property give us a call today and one of our locksmith Leeds team will be there to help.

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Why Choose Easy Pickings Locksmiths Leeds?

Easy Pickings Locksmiths Leeds does not charge a call out fee for any works carried out no matter the time of day or night. We do not charge VAT on any jobs and we offer a full guarantee on all parts, locks and mechanisms for 12 months. 

Are you locked out and need to gain entry to your home or business premises in Leeds? Or maybe you just need a few security upgrades such as changing door and window locks to more secure locks. Whatever your issue Easy Pickings Locksmiths are on hand to help 24 hours a day. We can work with all lock types so no matter what lock you have we can work with it. We keep a variety of locks in our van so should you need a lock changing for any reason we can do so within the same visit so your home or business can remain safe and secure. As well as gain entry and changing or upgrading locks we also offer lock repairs, uPVC window and door repairs, burglary repairs and many more locksmith services.

Hear at Easy Pickings locksmiths we understand that you need to be able to trust your local locksmith in Leeds, that’s why our locksmiths are DBS checked, reliable and guarantee all work for 12 months. When you call us we will provide you with a free no obligation quotation and offer expert security advice to help all of our customers achieve a high level of security at their property.

All the locks that we install in Leeds and the surrounding areas meet or exceed minimum standards set by Insures. We have high security locks that will suit all door and window locks, from snap safe TS007 locks to BS3621 deadlocks and night latches.

You can be sure that when you call our team at Easy Pickings Locksmiths that your home or business is in safe hands, our high quality locks, expertise and years of experience in the locksmith security industry helps us keep homes and businesses across Leeds and the surrounding areas safe and secure. 

Non-destructive, gain entry from your Local Locksmith Leeds.

Are you locked out of your home or business? We can gain entry to your property quickly and easily usually without causing any costly damage to the door, frame or lock. It is important to be aware that some locksmiths will immediately drill a lock when arriving at your property so they can charge more to replace the lock as well as gaining entry to the property. We will if it is possible gain entry to your property without causing any damage to any of the components for example by simply picking the lock.

Fast Response To Lock Outs In Leeds

Here at Easy Pickings Locksmiths we understand just how stressful it can be when you discover you are locked out of your home or business. This is why we provide a fast and reliable 24-hour emergency locksmith service to both domestic and commercial customers in and around Leeds. Our expert locksmiths can be with customers within the hour of their call and quickly gain entry to their property without causing any damage to the existing locks or door frame. Our locksmiths can even change the locks in the same visit if necessary.

If you find yourself locked out of your home or business in Leeds, then it’s not just gaining entry to the property that is of concern. If you have lost your keys or worse, you think they have been stolen then you should also seriously consider having the locks changed. This is to ensure that your property stays secure. You can never be sure of who may have found or even stolen your keys and the last thing that anyone wants is a burglar letting themselves into your property with the keys that they lost. By changing the locks on your property when you have lost your keys you will ensure that your home stays secure and whoever has your old set of keys will not be able to use them to easily gain entry to your property and help themselves to your belongings.

Easy Pickings Locksmiths help both domestic and commercial customers in Leeds to gain entry to their properties on a daily basis. We pride ourselves on our fast response to all of our emergency locksmith call outs and helping to take some of the stress out of a lock out situation. Our locksmiths are always fully equipped to make short work of gaining entry to your property and can also provide you with expert security advice to ensure your property remains secure.

If you need a fast and reliable locksmith in Leeds to come and open your door then contact Easy Pickings Locksmiths today – 0113 805 0761

Problems with uPVC doors or windows?

Are they becoming more difficult to un-lock, or lock? Are they not shutting properly or have become stiff? Easy Pickings Locksmiths Leeds can repair a uPVC mechanism before they fail completely, saving you money. We can also replace and upgrade all uPVC locks and locking mechanisms, all the uPVC locks we provide are to British Standard BS3621.

Common Problems with uPVC Windows and Doors Include:

Jammed Lock – A uPVC window or door lock jamming is usually a result of a faulty lock mechanism. There are two mechanical components to the lock, the multi-point locking system and the euro cylinder. If your key won’t turn all the way in the lock, then this usually results in the lock getting jammed. If this happens then you should never try and force the key as you could cause further damage to the locking mechanism or the door or window itself. Instead you should call your local locksmith in Leeds Easy Pickings locksmiths and we will come and carry out the necessary repairs to get your uPVC windows or door back in working order. When your lock is jammed it can also cause your key to turn all the way around without actually locking, again this is an issue that can easily be resolved by your local locksmith in Leeds.

Misaligned Windows or Doors – There are many reasons that can cause a uPVC window or door to become misaligned, banging windows and doors shut tends to be the leading cause. This is often a simple fix for your local locksmith in Leeds. Easy Pickings Locksmiths will be able to diagnose and repair a misaligned door or window as soon as they start playing up so don’t hesitate to give us a call.

Key Broken In Lock – This is a very common problem for all key entry locks, it is usually older keys that have worn over the years. You can avoid this by calling your local locksmith Leeds as soon as the key starts to jam in the door so that the issue can be fixed before it gets to the point of forcing the key. If its too late and your key has broken of then call Easy Pickings Locksmiths for our 24 hour emergency locksmith in Leeds service – 0113 805 0761

Signs You Should Call Your Local Locksmith in Leeds To Change the Locks

When it comes to home security the first line of defence you have against potential burglars is your external doors. This is why it is so important to keep them in good working order to allow your property to remain as secure as it can be. Fortunately, Easy Pickings Locksmiths are always here to help anyone in Leeds, or the surrounding areas keep their homes secure.

Here are a few signs that you should look out for that are a good indication that your locks are in need of an upgrade!

Check you locks in Leeds every now and then to make sure there are no obvious signs of wear such as rust, if you do find rust on your lock then it would be worth contacting your local locksmith in Leeds to come and change or even upgrade them as rust indicates the lock is becoming weak, and will one day fail leaving your home vulnerable to a break in.

Stiff handles are another sign that you may need to show your door some TLC. When your handles get stiff you should never try to force them as this could create further problems, instead call out your local locksmith in Leeds who will be able to make the necessary repairs, this could involve changing the handles with brand new locks already integrated into them, or it could just be that  some adjustments are needed to the door and frame in order to get them back in working order.

Key won’t turn in Lock? Again, if this is the case you should never try and force the key as this could create more problems such as the key snapping off in the door. Your local Leeds locksmith will be able to come and assess your lock and advise on the best course of action. This could be having the lock repaired or even replaced completely.

Lost Keys? This is an unbelievably common occurrence and the majority of our jobs in Leeds are lock outs! Not only will our locksmiths at Easy Pickings Locksmiths be able to help you gain entry to your property without causing any damage to the existing lock or door frame but, if you fear your keys are gone forever or worse, been stolen then Easy Pickings locksmith will be able to change the locks in the same visit, provide you with a spare set of keys and leave you with piece of mind that your home is completely secure.

Recently moved to a new house. Now this may seem pointless to some, especially if the locks on their new property are in perfect working condition, however, It is strongly advised that whenever you move into a new home one of the first things you do is change the locks. This is because us brits often hand over a spare key to friends or relative in case of emergencies, you may have been given a key, or even a couple of keys when you moved in but you can’t be sure that they are the only keys to your property, more often than not there is at least one or more keys still in circulation that you could never know about! The last thing you want is for someone to have easy access to your home by simply letting themselves in with a key they have had for a while!

The final sign that indicates you need your local locksmith in Leeds to come and change the locks for you is damage, this could have been caused by wear and tear, attempted break in or even a successful break in. If your locks are damaged in any way, even if a key can still turn inside and lock, you should have the locks changed. A damaged lock leaves your home vulnerable to a break in, even if its damaged by someone breaking in in the first place. Any good locksmith will also advise you on upgrading your locks to more secure locks that can help better protect your home from break ins.

For more information on having your locks changed or advice and potential lock upgrades contact our friendly team at Easy Pickings Locksmiths. 0113 805 0761

 Home Security – Moving Home with Easy Pickings Locksmiths Leeds

 Lock changes and home security measures are often overlooked when moving into a new home. There are a number of essential practices that you must carry out all of which Easy Pickings Locksmiths can do for you, these include:

  • Full home security check to ensure the property is properly secure including any outbuildings and garage locks
  • Lock changes on all the locks in the property. The previous tenants to the property may still have keys to the property and to the outbuildings so it’s important to have all the locks changed or even upgraded. We recommend having snap safe Ultion locks installed which are not only high security British Standard BS3621 locks, but they also act as a deterrent for potential burglars too
  • Windows are a common point of entry for most burglars so it’s important to establish that your windows have high security window locks on them to improve the security of your home
  • Security light installation is another good idea if the property you are moving into does not have any. Security lights are a fantastic deterrent to stop would be burglars from even attempting to break into your property

We’ve all heard of insurance approved locks but what are they? To put it simply, if you have insurance approved locks installed on your property, then in the event of a burglary the insurance company will pay out for any damage and loss of goods. However, if your property is not secured with insurance approved locks, you may find they will not pay out on a claim for damage or loss of goods. Unfortunately there are still millions of properties within the UK that do not have insurance approved locks installed on their properties so it’s essential that if you have home insurance, but are not aware whether or not you have insurance approved locks or not that you contact us so we can come and check for you. We offer a range of different types of insurance approved locks for you to choose from ranging from different prices. Our Leeds based locksmiths are fully insured and accredited and all our locks are fully guaranteed for 12 months.

Our team at Easy Pickings Locksmiths have been receiving an increasing number of calls from customers who need to upgrade their locks in in the Leeds area in order to get home insurance. This is why we felt it necessary to share a bit of information about insurance grade locks, what they are and why insurers require you to have them in order for your policy to be valid.

Lock manufactures, along with the police, local authorities, government and architects have all come together to set a minimum standard that a lock should be to ensure your home or business is properly secure.

If you have a wooden door then you should look for the Kitemark displaying BS3621. This can be found on the front barrel or the face plate of the lock. The minimum standard for uPVC doors is TS007 which can also be found displayed on the Kitemark. If you find that your locks are below standard and do not display either of these Kitemarks then you should definitely consider contacting your local locksmith Leeds and upgrading your locks, not only is your home not as secure as it could be, you may also find that should you ever fall victim  to a break in your insurance policy may be void.

Its not only your door locks that need to be secure, window locks also meet to meet insurer requirements. If your window locks can be opened from inside your property without the use of a tool or a key, then you should consider having your window locks and handled upgraded.

The reason insurers are so strict with their minimum requirements of locks in order for you to either get cover or be paid out on any claims is because, not only do they want to know that you have taken steps to ensure that your home is secure but also to be sure that potential intruders will not only have difficulty getting into your property but also once inside they don’t have an easy escape route either.

If your insure requires you to upgrade your locks, or you would just like your locks upgrading for the extra peace of mind that your home will be more secure then contact Easy Pickings Locksmiths Leeds today on 0113 805 0761 and one of our team will help you choose the best lock for you and supply and fit it at your convenience.

Locksmith Leeds Explains Different Lock Types

Here at easy pickings locksmiths we know that it can be confusing not only knowing what type of lock you currently have but also knowing what type of lock you may want fitting as there is such a wide variety out there. So, when you call your local locksmith in Leeds it can be quite difficult for you to describe the problems you are having or the type of lock you would like to upgrade to. This is why we have put together a list of all the different locks available that can help you identify the type of locks you have and potentially what locks you would like to install.

Cylinder Lock

A cylinder lock is made up of a keyhole mechanism fitted within a cylindrical shaped lock. Pins within the lock vary in size and shape and each must be moved into the correct position within the cylinder in order for it to unlock, this can only be done by the key being a specific shape. There are two types of cylinder lock, double or single cylinder, double cylinders are operated by a key on both sides and single cylinders are only operated by a key from one side.

Dead Lock

These locks have a single bolt that extends deep into the door frame when compared to other locks, this provides extra strength and resistance against an attempt at forced entry. They often don’t require handles as they do not have latches however in most cases handles are added in order to make opening easier.

Door Latch

Door latches connect the door to the frame, a hole is cut into the door frame that the latch will fit into, however it can also be attached to a catch on the outside of the frame. The purpose of the latch is to ensure that the door stays in place when the door is closed.

Euro Profile

This is the most common type of cylinder lock, both sides are connected by a single piece of metal and the lock can only be used from one side at any one time. This type of lock requires a wider keyhole.

Mortice Locks

Mortice locks are fitted into a pocket cut into the edge of a door, whereas most other locks are fitted to the side of a door there are a range of mortice locks varying from 2 -7 leavers, the higher the number of levers the better level of security it provides. People often tend to favour mortice locks as they look better on the door as less of the lock is visible as most of the locking system is fitted within the door.

Multi-Point Lock

Multi-point locks are made up of bolts or locks that lock at different points within the door with just one turn of the key. Multi – point locks are commonly found on composite and uPVC doors and often require the handle to be lifted in order to turn the key.

Night Latch

Night latch locks are fitted to the surface of the door as opposed to the edge. The external side of the door will have a rim cylinder fitted and the latch is fitted to internal side of the door. The bolt of the night latch fits into a casing that is installed on the door frame, it can only be unlocked by using a key from the outside or by using the leaver installed on the internal side of the door. There is usually a button on the internal side that can be used to hold the bolt in the locked or unlocked position.

Rim Lock

Rim Locks are quite common in Leeds as they are easy to install. They are similar in function to the night latch.

Sash Lock

Sash locks have a non-locking built in spring latch as well as a deadbolt that will lock the door when the key is turned. So, an unlocked door can remain closed due to the spring latch but also for security reasons it can be locked with the use of a key.

If you require you locks changing, upgrading or repairing in Leeds then contact Easy Pickings Locksmiths Leeds, our professional team will be able to advise you on the best locks for your property and have your property safe and secure in no time.

Home Security Upgrades In Leeds

Not everyone has the budget for an all singing and dancing home security system. This is why our expert team at Easy Pickings locksmiths have decided to share what low cost security measures are essential for your property in Leeds, If you already have these in place then you can be safe in the knowledge that your home or business is secure however if any of these essential security measures mentioned below are not in place at your property in Leeds then you can contact us today and we can work with you to help improve you homes security in Leeds.


Deadbolt Locks – These should be installed on every entry door to your property. If this is not the case at your property, then give us a call and one of our locksmiths in Leeds will come and install them for you.

Snap Safe/ Anti Snap Locks – In Leeds it is incredibly common for burglars to use the lock snapping technique to quickly and easily gain entry to someone’s home. If you have UPVC or composite doors and you don’t already have snap safe locks installed, then it is strongly recommended that you address this as soon as possible. Here at Easy Pickings Locksmiths we only fit the best quality snap safe locks to people’s homes and businesses in Leeds. We always have snap safe locks in stock so can supply and fit the locks on the same day as you call.

Door Hinges – If the hinges to your external doors on your property are located on the outside then it would be worth having the door removed and the hinges relocated to the inside of the door, this will not only discourage and potential intruders but also make it a lot more difficult for them to get in!

Door and Door Frame – ensure your door and its frame to your property in Leeds are both strong and are showing no signs of damage or rot. A weekend door and/or door frame is a prime target for any potential burglar. There are measures that can be put in place to reinforce doors and door frames you can contact our team at Easy Picking Locksmiths for more information and advice on how to strengthen your doors in Leeds.


Window Locks – Every window in your Leeds home or business should have a working window lock installed. If your windows don’t have locks then they will need to have locks installed, this is not only for home security it is also a requirement set by most insurance providers. If you do have window locks installed but they are faulty or you don’t have the keys to them then you should contact Easy Pickings locksmiths today to come and repair or replace the locks for you. We can also easily fit either new handles with integrated locks to any windows that don’t have locks or fit a new lock to existing handles to better improve your home security measures.

If you need help improving the security of your home or business in Leeds, then Contact Easy Picking Locksmiths today for advice and a no obligation quotation

Snap-Safe/Anti-snap Locks installation in Leeds

Snap-safe locks are tested and regarded as a safe lock by the Master Locksmith Association’s. Snap-safe locks are also recommended by the police who attend more and more house burglaries in Leeds where lock cylinders have been snapped by burglars to gain access to peoples homes and businesses.

What is Lock Snapping?

To better understand what a snap-safe lock is, it is first important to understand what lock snapping is and how it is a common, quick and easy method of gaining access into our homes by burglars.

Lock snapping is a technique used by burglars to break into our homes and businesses in Leeds. This technique involves snapping a lock cylinder that is commonly used in uPVC, composite and aluminium doors.

By applying force the burglar can snap the locking cylinder in two and remove the outside of the lock to expose the locking mechanism. Exposing the locking mechanism allows the door to be unlocked either manually or by using a tool. Burglars can use any tool such as a hammer or screwdriver to snap and dismantle a non-snap safe lock and can have access to our home in seconds. As it is brute forced used to break a lock and no other special skills needed, this form of lock snapping has become the preferred method of the burglars and lock snapping burglaries have increased according to recent research.

Lock snapping to access our properties is on the increase and is a growing concern according to recent research. It is regarded as a real threat to our homes and businesses in and around Leeds. However, there is a solution and that solution is to upgrade your existing lock cylinder to a snap-safe lock that can prevent this risk of lock snapping. The different types of snap-safe locks and advice about what kind of lock you would require for your security needs can be discussed with our team hear at Easy Pickings Locksmiths.

Installing Snap-safe Locks in Leeds

Snap-safe locks can now be graded and tested for their snap ability. So, if you are going to upgrade your lock to a snap-safe lock for added security then it is recommended that you have your lock cylinder upgraded to one that has the kite mark 3 star standard that is designed to prevent lock snapping, or, a snap-safe lock that has the Sold Secure (SS312) Diamond Standard Approval. If you need snap safe locks installing at your home or business in Leeds then contact our team at Easy Pickings Locksmiths and we will provide a no obligation quotation. 


Responsive Locksmiths in Leeds

Easy Pickings Locksmiths are on hand to deal with all your locksmith needs whether you are locked out and need us immediately or whether you would like to book in any of our services at a future date. For all emergency locksmith works in Leeds we aim to be with you within 30 minutes of receiving your call. We understand the importance of getting to you promptly if you are locked out of your home or business, or if you have fallen victim to a burglary in Leeds and require us to help secure your property. We pride ourselves on our response times and endeavour to not only reach you quickly but also you offer you value for money with every job we complete.

Locksmith Leeds FAQ's

  • How much does a locksmith in Leeds cost?

    The average price locksmiths charge is between £65 - £90. However other factors such as how many locks you are having installed, the work that is being carried out and the time the locksmiths need to spend on a job will all influence the cost of the job and prices may vary.

  • Can a locksmith open a house door?

    Yes, any good locksmith can gain entry to your home without causing any damage to the existing locks or door frame. Most locksmiths will use a non-destructive entry technique to gain entry however it is always worth asking over the phone before you book the job in. Easy Pickings Locksmiths always use non destructive methods to gain entry to properties in Leeds.

  • Should I have the locks changed on my new home in Leeds?

    It is always a good idea to have the locks changed when you move into a new property. You never can be sure who still has a copy of the key to your property and what their intentions could be. It is always better to be safe than sorry, when you move home in Leeds always get a reliable local locksmith to change the locks for you.

  • How do burglars break into a property?

    There are many points of entry for a burglar to use when breaking into a property. The most common is the front door with 34% of burglars using the front door to just walk into a property. Second most common is unlocked or open first floor windows with 23% of burglars getting in this way. Always lock your windows, and if your windows don’t have locks installed then it will vastly improve your home security if you upgrade them.

  • What makes a home a target for burglars?

    Burglars look for properties that have vulnerable locks on doors and windows. If a lock can easily be bypassed by a burglar, it makes that home an easy target for a quick in and out job. Garage doors and pet doors are also attractive to burglars as they also provide easy access to a home.

  • What Does a Locksmith Do?

    A locksmith is a tradesman that works with a range of different locks. They use different techniques to open locks, repair locks and fit locks to different doors and buildings. Locksmith services are available to anyone who is locked out, lost their keys or need the locks changing at their property.

  • How long does it take for a locksmith to open a door?

    In general, it will take a locksmith around ten minutes to open a door, however depending on the type of lock it can take anywhere between 7 seconds and 45 minutes.

  • How many locks should you use on your front door?

    It goes without saying that two locks are better than one. The most common combination of locks to use together is a deadbolt and a standard BS3621 lock. By taking extra measures like this insures often offer reductions on premiums.

  • What is a deadbolt?

    A deadbolt is a locking mechanism that can only be moved into the open position by using a key. This adds an extra level of security to any home in Leeds.

  • Can a locksmith open a deadbolt?

    Deadbolts are well known for there security and most believe it is impossible to open a dead lock once it is locked without the use of a key. However, with the knowledge tools and training that a locksmith has it is possible for them to open a deadbolt.

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