We use locks on our homes to give us some degree of security, and take comfort from knowing that even if a burglar tries to gain entry they would have a struggle. Unfortunately even some of the most secure looking locks can be bypassed in just a couple of minutes by using a technique called lock snapping. Below we have put together a bit of information on what lock snapping is and how you can protect your property from it.

What Is Lock Snapping?

If your door has multi-entry locks you may feel that the security is top notch and cannot be compromised however these locks to have a weak point, the cylinder.

All locking points within a door are activated by one point, the cylinder in which the keys enters the lock. This is the most vulnerable part of the locking mechanism that is targeted by burglars to weaken the security of the rest of the door.

Lock snapping works by snapping the cylinder on the lock allowing the burglar to manipulate the rest of the lock to gain entry to your property. Burglars tend to use basic tools such as a hammer or screwdriver to apply excessive force and snap the lock in two. The outer part of the mechanism can then be removed providing easy access to the inner mechanism of the lock that can be simply unlocked.

It is thought that around a quarter of all burglary’s carried out have involved lock snapping.

How to Prevent Lock Snapping

As mentioned above it is the cylinder that is the weak point when it comes to lock snapping so no matter how fancy or secure your lock looks this may not be the case.  It’s not just old doors in which this method of gaining entry can be used; it is any door that uses a Euro cylinder lock. This type of lock is commonly used on uPVC, aluminium and composite doors. They are extremely popular and have been used on a huge range of both commercial and domestic doors.

The best way to protect your property from lock snapping is pretty simple, seek the advice of your local locksmith on the best snap safe lock for your property and have them come and swap all your old locks for new more secure snap safe locks.

For more information on snap safe locks have a read of one of our previous blog posts Snap Safe Locks.

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