Why Do Burglars Target Particular Homes and Businesses?


Break-ins are unfortunately, a very common occurrence here in Leeds. Most people that fall victim to a burglary often think that it was just bad luck that they have been the target, but through experience our team at Easy Pickings Locksmiths have found that in most cases there is at least one thing that has stood out that has made their homes an easy target for burglars.

The advice we give to any homeowner or business is to ensure that the security measures at your property are as secure as they can be, if your home is more secure than a neighbours then your home is automatically less of a target to burglars than theirs. In order to do this you first need to consider the existing security measures you have in place and then see how they can be improved upon.

Our team at Easy Pickings Locksmiths are always on hand to help our customers in Leeds improve the security of there homes, and more often than not we will be able to supply and fit the relevant security upgrades for you.

It goes without saying that burglars are put off by homes and businesses that clearly have considerable security measures in place, so by doing this you will reduce the chances of your property becoming a target of a burglary. Burglars will often spend some time in an area checking out all the properties to see which is going to be the easiest to get in and out of quickly and quietly. So, it’s the security measures that are visible from the outside of your property that are the biggest deterrent to a burglar so these should be the security measures that you focus your attention on first.

Visible Home/Business Security Measures

  • CCTV
  • Alarms
  • Multiple Locks
  • High Security Locks
  • Lock Guards
  • Window Locks
  • Security Grilles

Less Visible Security Measures That Make Forced Entry Difficult For Burglars:

  • Hinge Bolts
  • Birmingham Bars
  • London Bars

These are security measures that can be put in place at you home or business but they can be physically seen by a burglar but it would make gaining entry at lot more difficult for them and in most cases can be the difference between a break-in and an attempted break-in!

Basic Security Measures Everyone Should Have

In order for your property to be protected there are some basic security measures that everyone should have in place even if you’re not considering security upgrades or improvements.

  • All windows should have key operated locks
  • Any external doors should have BS3621 5 leaver dead locks installed

If you don’t have these basic security measures installed at your property, then it should be a top priority to get them in place at your property. Your local locksmith will be able to supply and fit any locks you need for your windows and doors. And your home would be left much more secure than it was before.

If you need help improving the security measures at your home or business, then contact Easy Pickings Locksmiths today – 0113 805 0761

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