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Easy Pickings Locksmiths provides a uPVC door repairs service in Leeds and surrounding areas. We are specialists when it comes to all types of uPVC doors and uPVC windows. uPVC doors are secured by what is called a multipoint lock which after years of repeated use can eventually fail. Mutipoint locks lock by lifting the handle on the door then turning the key, this locks the door in several points up the mechanism.

In some cases, we may be able to repair the mechanism without having to replace it which in turn will save you money. But in many cases, particularly if the mechanism is old it may be beyond repair then we will need to replace it. We will always look to repair a mechanism before we replace it.

Many people assume that when the lock on a uPVC door fails then they might need to have the whole door replaced, which is certainly not the case. We are able to diagnose the issue with the mechanism quickly and either repair it and give the door a service or alternatively we’ll replace the mechanism with a new one and at the same time give the door a service.

When we diagnose a fault with a uPVC in Leeds we will discuss with you the problem and quote you before we start work, ensuring you are completely happy with the cost and process of repairing the door. Only once you are happy with the price and the work that needs completing will we then start work.

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uPVC Door Alignment

If your window or door isn’t locking correctly or has become difficult to lock, then it could mean that the door or window needs toe and heeling, i.e adjusting. Through our years of experience in upvc door repairs in Leeds we are able to quickly and easily diagnose whether it’s just an alignment issue or if the mechanism is failing or has failed.

If you require any of our UPVC door repairs services in Leeds, Headingly, Wortley or any of the surrounding areas then please do not hesitate to give us a call today on 0113 805 0761 or 07456 080054 for a no obligation quotation.

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