Snap-safe Locks

Snap-safe locks are tested and regarded as a safe lock by the Master Locksmith Association’s. Snap-safe locks are also recommended by the police who attend more and more house burglaries where lock cylinders have been snapped by burglars to gain access to private homes

What is Lock Snapping?

To better understand what a snap-safe lock is, it is first important to understand lock snapping and how it is a preferred method of gaining access into our homes by burglars.

Lock snapping is a technique used by burglars to break into our homes. This technique involves snapping a lock cylinder that is commonly used in PVCU, composite and aluminium doors installed in the last 15 years.

By applying force the burglar can snap the locking cylinder in two and remove the outside of the lock to expose the locking mechanism. Exposing the locking mechanism allows the door to be unlocked either manually or by using a tool. Burglars can use any tool such as a hammer or screwdriver to snap and dismantle a non-snap safe lock and can have access to our home in seconds. As it is brute forced used to break a lock and no other special skills needed, this form of lock snapping has become the preferred method of the burglars and lock snapping burglaries have increased according to recent research.

Recent ITV and BBC reports claim that Police crime statistics show that lock snapping to gain access to our homes has increased. Lock snapping has been used in over 30% of burglaries in some areas and the police recommend having a snap-safe lock cylinder fitted to your front and back door to prevent burglars breaking in.

Lock snapping to access our properties is on the increase and is a growing concern according to recent research. It is regarded as a real threat to our homes and possessions. However, there is a solution and that solution is to upgrade your existing lock cylinder to a snap-safe lock that can prevent this risk of lock snapping. The different types of snap-safe locks and advice about what kind of lock you would require for your security needs can be discussed with your locksmith.

Installing Snap-safe Locks

Snap-safe locks can now be graded and tested for their snap ability. So, if you are going to upgrade your lock to a snap-safe lock for added security then it is recommended that you have your lock cylinder upgraded to one that has the kite mark 3 star standard that is designed to prevent lock snapping, or, a snap-safe lock that has the Sold Secure (SS312) Diamond Standard Approval. Manufactures who have lock cylinders approved to SS312 standard are Avocet, APECS, Brisant and Federal. The ABS® is regarded as one of the highest accredited locks available – with the Master Locksmith Association’s Sold Secure Diamond

Avocet is a popular lock that has achieved a TS007 3 star British Kitemark for their snap-safe locks. This lock has passed the Master Locksmiths Associations SS312 Sold Secure Diamond rating year after year. No other cylinder door lock holds these standards. To get a snap-safe lock fitted to your home, we recommend you contact your locksmith who will give advice on having a snap-safe lock fitted to your property and the best snap-safe lock for your needs.

In the image below it is clear to see that by fitting a snap-safe lock cylinder to the UPVC door that a burglary attempt has been prevented.

Snap-Safe Locks

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