How is Lock Snapping done?

Lock snapping is the most common way used by burglars to break in, as it requires no skill. Euro-cylinder locks are easily snapped and are found in almost all households with UPVC doors. Easy pickings Locksmiths provide Anti Snap Locks Leeds services for your assistance. It’s very easy to snap a lock open. All you have to do is break the cylinder and then manipulate the lock to open. Since all the locks are operated by cylinders, you are wrong when you think multiple locking systems may secure your place.

How long does it take to snap a lock?

Since it’s very easy, lock-snapping can take just 5–10 seconds. 25% of burglars use this method to break in. Lock snapping requires no special skills or tools, which is why it’s so easy.

How frequently is a lock snapped?

Lock snapping is very common in parts of London. People all over the country are asked to be alert as lock snapping is spreading all over the country.

How to lock snapping can be prevented by an anti-snap lock

Installing anti-snap euro cylinder locks on UPVC doors can stop an attempt at burglary.

The lock used to stop it from snapping

The lock used to stop snapping is a euro cylinder lock that is tested and approved to the SS312 Diamond Standard, which makes a lock an anti-snap lock.

How a lock can defend against lock snapping

Locks should be tested against lock snapping before use. The locks should be able to defend against snapping. SS312 diamond-approved lock cylinders are tested to defend against lock snapping. Euro-profile cylinder locks help you protect your door against lock snapping. The lock should be fitted properly on your door by a locksmith to prevent the lock from snapping. A lock that is not fitted properly has a higher chance of being snapped. For the lock to fit properly, it has to be the same size as the door.

Locks that can be snapped

The only locks that are at risk of lock snapping are the ones that are not approved or tested for either SS312 Diamond or TS0073.

Euro-cylinder locks that are at risk of lock snapping

Single, double, and thumb-turn cylinders are types of euro cylinder locks that are likely to be snapped.

How to tell if you have an anti-snap lock

Anti Snap Locks Leeds is also referred to as snap-proof, snap-resistant, or snap-secure. If your lock is old, for example, if you got your lock fixed before 2011, it is most likely not to be anti-snap because it has not been tested for lock snapping. Testing for the Anti Snap Locks was introduced in 2011. When you fix new euro cylinder locks, you know they are anti-snap.

There are two ways to know if your door lock is an anti-snap lock

To know if your lock is anti-snap, you have to make sure that it has an SS312 Diamond-approved cylinder. This is the highest level of approval for a euro-cylinder lock. Another way to make sure that the lock is anti-snap is to look for a 3-star kite mark logo. A lock with this logo means that it has been tested and approved against lock snapping. You can usually find this logo on the front of the lock.

Which standard euro cylinder lock is best?

Sold Secure 312 Diamond Approved Cylinder can be one of your options, as it is tested against lock snapping and helps prevent break-ins through lock snapping. TS007, the 3-star kite mark, is also preferred. If your lock is not SS312 Diamond Cylinder approved, it should at least have a kite mark lob go to lessen the chance of snapping. Last but not least, a 1-star kite-mark cylinder with 2-star door furniture can also be used. If you are looking for Anti Snap Locks Leeds, contact Easy Pickings Locksmiths.



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