Door Locks that can help you Protect your Apartment

It is necessary to have locks that you can trust to save your home or private properties from theft. There are five types of locks that are the best for your security.

Defender Security Lock

This is the best-rated lock overall. It’s light on your pocket and it’s very easy to install. It acts like a door blocker and can bear up to 800 lbs., so it’s not that easy to break.

August Smart Lock

When you look for a keyless door lock, the August Smart Lock is the best option to go with. It’s super easy to install, it’s very dependable, and it comes with Bluetooth functionality, which makes it more convenient.

Addalock Portable Door Lock

The lock is design in a way that makes it portable and it’s super cheap, which makes it much better. It’s easily install on the strike plate, which doesn’t require any hard and fast method.

Kwikset Single Cylinder Traditional

It’s best for long-term use and it’s also rated the best among all the cylinder locks. It comes with a smart key feature and is unaffected by bumps, which ensures that it’s a very solid lock.

Kwikset Single-sided Deadbolt

The best feature of this lock is that it has no keyhole but a thumb turns on the inside for you to access. It’s easy on your pocket and works with all standard doors.

How can you secure your door from intruders?

For securing your door from intruders, follow the following things:

Include a powerful deadbolt

Adding a deadbolt will make your security system much stronger. You can either use the one with both sides keyed or the one with only one keyed side both will safeguard your full safety.

Include a reinforcement plate

Adding a reinforcement plate provides you with an extra layer of security. It strengthens the locks by enclosing them.

Insert a striking box

The striking box strengthens your entrance and discourages impostors. It provides extra strength to your lock with oversized plates and metal pockets.

Rekey the lock

For enhancing your home’s security, especially your new home’s security, you should rekey the locks to get new locks and a new locking system that has access only to you.

Construct a large peephole

Building a large peephole will give you a wider angle to look outside for any sort of harm and to be attentive. It alerts you to prevent bad situations.

Locks Repair Leeds

If you are looking for a specialist in Lock repair Leeds and lock replacement, Easy Pickings locksmiths provide you with the best locks for your security. We deal with all types of locks and locking mechanisms. Replacing a lock is much more expensive than repairing it, and that’s why first we make sure that if it can be fix by only repairing the lock, we don’t replace it to save your expenses and to ensure your full safety.

Our company also provides Emergency Locksmith Leeds services whenever you need them. We will be at your service within a few minutes. We do not work with cheap locks and also provide you with a guarantee of our work for up to 12 months. Out Expert can fix your entire lock system with our professional and experienced locksmith by providing you with new keys and new locks.

Easy Pickings Locksmiths Leeds has got your back when it comes to needing new locks or Pros of Door Locks for doors and windows. Our local Leeds locksmiths have got you cover, from Anti Snap Locks Leeds to new lock installation services. Before repairing we check over the existing lock including its whole mechanism. Our locksmiths are fully train and skilled, and we provide a full guarantee of our work by ensuring your safety with new locks and keys. One of our main priorities is customer satisfaction, and no compromises are made there. At Easy Pickings Locksmiths, we chose to fit high-quality, branded, insurance-approved locks instead of cheap lock repairs, which are not even our option.


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