What Is A Euro Cylinder Lock?

Euro cylinder locks are probably one of the most common kinds of locks you come across in this day and age, this in part is due to the increased popularity of uPVC doors. You will also find these locks on composite doors within a multipoint lock and in aluminium and wooden doors when fitted in a lock case.

Euro locks are a cost-effective choice as they can be replaced separately to the locking mechanism which could help you sav a lot of money in the future.

When euro cylinders first came out, they did have one major weakness which allowed burglar quick and easy entry into your home and leaving little evidence behind. They discovered the method of lock snapping! This however, is no longer an issue with new euro cylinders, so if you have an old euro cylinder it is worth checking firstly to see if it meets BS3621 by checking for the kite mark, if you don’t have a BS3621 euro lock then it is worth calling in a professional locksmith to come and upgrade them to help defend against potential intruders.

Improving Lock Standards

Due to the high volume of break-ins the industry was forced to come up with innovative solutions to make it a lot harder for burglars to gain entry. So, in 2011 Door and Hardware Federation produced the TS007 standard. Aimed at the retrofit market this solution allows you to mix and match necessary security upgrades. There are star levels of protection 1,2 and 3. Euro cylinders come with a star protection level of 1 or 3, so if you use a 1 star euro cylinder and couple it with a 2 star handle then the overall security reaches it 3 stars. If you are only wanting a lock replacing, then you can just choose to use a 3 star euro cylinder.

Another way in which the industry has improved the security of locks is the sold secure testing administered by the Master Locksmith Association. This is four levels of testing, Bronze, Silver, Gold and Dimond. So, if when you check your lock it is displaying a Dimond standard of accreditation you can be sure it has gone through rigorous testing and is likely a very secure lock.

Unfortunately, there is no way of stopping people from committing burglary offences so its our job and yours to ensure that any potential burglars can’t get into your home!

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