What does a locksmith Leeds do?

A locksmith is a trained expert that can repair and set up a wide variety of security products that protect one’s property from unwanted entry. A Locksmith Leeds performs a variety of tasks on a daily basis, including:

Key Duplication and Replacement

Copying or replacing the key is one of the jobs done by a Locksmith Leeds. Making a copy of a new one and moving it to a new place is very important in case the original one gets lost. In some cases, even if the original key is lost before making a copy, the locksmith will replace it completely.

High-Security Lock Installation

To place high-security locks in your workplace or any of your properties a locksmith should be hired to do so. Installing them might be a bit of a technical task, but for locksmiths it’s easy.

Electronic Access Installation

Today’s Leeds locksmith can install systems that are accessed electronically, such as remote systems and apartment intercom systems. It’s a keyless way to enter or exit a building.

Safe Selection and Installation

Some locksmith shops double as safe companies, so when you are looking for advice for a safe, you should refer to local stores. They can guide you professionally. For your safety, professionals should be hired, such as Easy Pickings Locksmiths, because they have better ideas about its safety and how to handle it.

Door And Window Lock Repair

If any lock or window is cracked or damaged, it doesn’t necessarily mean you have to replace it. You can also fix it. It should be fixed quickly because it might cause security issues, and for that, locksmiths are the best option.


In the event that your keys are lost or someone has copies of your keys, the best option is to rekey your locks. It’s cheaper and can be easily done by a locksmith.

Building Lockouts

Your keys getting lost or getting locked out of your house is the worst-case scenario, and only a locksmith can help you get out of this situation, either by opening your lock or by breaking it and replacing it.

Panic Exit Devices

Installing a crash bar is important at any commercial property is necessary to have easy emergency exits and locksmiths are great at building one.

When can a locksmith help you with an emergency locksmith Leeds service?

An Emergency Locksmith Leeds can help you in cases like a lockout or lost keys. In situations like the one below, it’s better to call reliable locksmiths like Easy Pickings Locksmiths.


The most common issue that needs an emergency locksmith is a lockout. In times like this, a 24/7 emergency locksmith can provide their service and help you get inside your property. Having a locksmith on speed dial is very important since situations like this can occur at any time anywhere.


In the event of any unwanted entry into your property, you should increase your security. Your locks should be upgraded, and security cameras should be installed to monitor any activity happening around the property that might cause you danger. Locksmiths can install the best security cameras and upgrade your normal locks to maybe modern locks to discourage the impostor.

Broke Keys

Sometimes while opening a lock, your key might get stuck, it might break, or it just won’t turn. While in that situation, you need to stay calm and call an Emergency Locksmith Leeds to help you get in and replace your lock, or maybe just rekey it to make you feel safe. Our company, Easy Pickings Locksmiths, understands all of your difficult situations faced due to locks. That’s why at our company we offer emergency locksmiths at flexible hours to get your problem fixed.


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