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Here at easy pickings locksmiths we know that it can be confusing not only knowing what type of lock you currently have but also knowing what type of lock you may want fitting as there is such a wide variety out there. So, when you call your local locksmith in Leeds it can be quite difficult for you to describe the problems you are having or the type of lock you would like to upgrade to. This is why we have put together a list of all the different locks available that can help you identify the type of locks you have and potentially what locks you would like to install.

Cylinder Lock

A cylinder lock is made up of a keyhole mechanism fitted within a cylindrical shaped lock. Pins within the lock vary in size and shape and each must be moved into the correct position within the cylinder in order for it to unlock, this can only be done by the key being a specific shape. There are two types of cylinder lock, double or single cylinder, double cylinders are operated by a key on both sides and single cylinders are only operated by a key from one side.

Dead Lock

These locks have a single bolt that extends deep into the door frame when compared to other locks, this provides extra strength and resistance against an attempt at forced entry. They often don’t require handles as they do not have latches however in most cases handles are added in order to make opening easier.

Door Latch

Door latches connect the door to the frame, a hole is cut into the door frame that the latch will fit into, however it can also be attached to a catch on the outside of the frame. The purpose of the latch is to ensure that the door stays in place when the door is closed.

Euro Profile

This is the most common type of cylinder lock, both sides are connected by a single piece of metal and the lock can only be used from one side at any one time. This type of lock requires a wider keyhole.

Mortice Locks

Mortice locks are fitted into a pocket cut into the edge of a door, whereas most other locks are fitted to the side of a door there are a range of mortice locks varying from 2 -7 leavers, the higher the number of levers the better level of security it provides. People often tend to favour mortice locks as they look better on the door as less of the lock is visible as most of the locking system is fitted within the door.

Multi-Point Lock

Multi-point locks are made up of bolts or locks that lock at different points within the door with just one turn of the key. Multi – point locks are commonly found on composite and uPVC doors and often require the handle to be lifted in order to turn the key.

Night Latch

Night latch locks are fitted to the surface of the door as opposed to the edge. The external side of the door will have a rim cylinder fitted and the latch is fitted to internal side of the door. The bolt of the night latch fits into a casing that is installed on the door frame, it can only be unlocked by using a key from the outside or by using the leaver installed on the internal side of the door. There is usually a button on the internal side that can be used to hold the bolt in the locked or unlocked position.

Rim Lock

Rim Locks are quite common in Leeds as they are easy to install. They are similar in function to the night latch.

Sash Lock

Sash locks have a non-locking built in spring latch as well as a deadbolt that will lock the door when the key is turned. So, an unlocked door can remain closed due to the spring latch but also for security reasons it can be locked with the use of a key.

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