How To Improve Your Home Security

The better your home security is, your home becomes less of a target for burglars. No one wants to go through the stress and upset of a break in so below we have put together our top 10 tips to improve your home security and keep them burglars at bay.

10 Tips to Improve Home Security

1. Lock Up – Most burglars are opportunists so if you make sure all your
doors and windows are locked when you leave your property and when you are
sleeping you will reduce the risk of a burglar taking to opportunity of
using and unlocked door or window to enter your home and help themselves to
your belongings. You can also make sure you have snap-safe locks installed
for extra security.

2. Keep Keys Safe – Always store your car and house keys out of sight and
never leave a spare key hidden outside your home. This ensures a burglar
cant use a device through your letterbox to steal keys left in plain sight
and by not leaving a spare key outside for a burglar to find and gain easy
access to your property.

3. Keep valuables out of sight – Don’t have valuable items clearly on
display, if you can see it from outside of your home so can a burglar! And
try to dispose of boxes of new items such as a TV discreetly so your not
advertising that this item is in your home.

4. Install An Alarm – There are a huge range of burglar alarms to chose from
ranging from motion triggered systems to ones that transmit CCTV images to
a computer or mobile phone. When choosing your alarm try to chose one that
is insurer approved this way you can get a discount on your home insurance
as well as improving your home security.

5. Be Discrete About Going On Holiday – Home security can be affected by
social media try not to advertise the face that your property is going to
be empty on things like social media sites, and you could also ask a
neighbour or family member to park there car outside your home so it looks
like someone is home.

6. Use Lights – Put your lights on a timer system so that when your property
is empty the lights will still come on and give the impression that you are
at home. This is a very effective home security measure.

7. Lock Your Shed – Sheds and garages are often used to store expensive
gardening and DIY tools not only do you not want these items to be stolen
but they can also be used by burglars to gain entry to your home, so
ensuring you lock any out building you have is a good way to enhance your
home security,.

8. Illuminate Your Home – Outdoor security lights come on when someone
approaches your home so they work well in deterring burglars as they wont
have any dark areas to hide in whilst trying to gain entry to your home.

9. Log Valuables – If you security mark your valuables with your post code
and house number then it deters burglars and also helps police to recover
them items if they are stolen. Also taking photos of valuable items makes
it easier to claim on your insurance.

10. Get Insured – Make sure you take out home insurance, Keep it up to date
and it offers enough protection to cover all your belongings.

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