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Not everyone has the budget for an all singing and dancing home security system. This is why our expert team at Easy Pickings locksmiths have decided to share what low cost security measures are essential for your property in Leeds, If you already have these in place then you can be safe in the knowledge that your home or business is secure however if any of these essential security measures mentioned below are not in place at your property in Leeds then you can contact us today and we can work with you to help improve you homes security in Leeds.


Deadbolt Locks – These should be installed on every entry door to your property. If this is not the case at your property, then give us a call and one of our locksmiths in Leeds will come and install them for you.

Snap Safe/ Anti Snap Locks – In Leeds it is incredibly common for burglars to use the lock snapping technique to quickly and easily gain entry to someone’s home. If you have UPVC or composite doors and you don’t already have snap safe locks installed, then it is strongly recommended that you address this as soon as possible. Here at Easy Pickings Locksmiths we only fit the best quality snap safe locks to people’s homes and businesses in Leeds. We always have snap safe locks in stock so can supply and fit the locks on the same day as you call.

Door Hinges – If the hinges to your external doors on your property are located on the outside then it would be worth having the door removed and the hinges relocated to the inside of the door, this will not only discourage and potential intruders but also make it a lot more difficult for them to get in!

Door and Door Frame – ensure your door and its frame to your property in Leeds are both strong and are showing no signs of damage or rot. A weekend door and/or door frame is a prime target for any potential burglar. There are measures that can be put in place to reinforce doors and door frames you can contact our team at Easy Picking Locksmiths for more information and advice on how to strengthen your doors in Leeds.


Window Locks – Every window in your Leeds home or business should have a working window lock installed. If your windows don’t have locks then they will need to have locks installed, this is not only for home security it is also a requirement set by most insurance providers. If you do have window locks installed but they are faulty or you don’t have the keys to them then you should contact Easy Pickings locksmiths today to come and repair or replace the locks for you. We can also easily fit either new handles with integrated locks to any windows that don’t have locks or fit a new lock to existing handles to better improve your home security measures.

If you need help improving the security of your home or business in Leeds, then Contact Easy Picking Locksmiths today for advice and a no obligation quotation – 0113 805 0761

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