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The mortice lock is a popular door security device, as it can be fitted to any type of external wooden barrier. A modern BS3621 model provides an excellent level protection for homes and businesses alike before the introduction euro cylinders were almost exclusively found on exterior doors in Britain. Although there are many different brands of mortice lock there are really only two types, a sash lock and a deadlock. A sash lock has a handle built into the lock whereas a dead lock has no handle so if this is something that you require you would have to have a separate handle fitted.

Mortice Lock Faults

Just like any other lock, mortice locks do eventually fail. The most common problems our team at Easy Pickings Locksmiths tend to come across include:

A Broken Talon – A Broken Talon -You can identify this problem when you put in the key and turn, it will just move freely without unlocking.

Key Wont Open Lock – There are many reasons for this fault, it could be an old worn-out key or caused by frequently leaving them in and then constantly using that particular brass Knob as a lever which can wear down over time. This is not only going to affect your ability unlock locks, but also other keys may stop working altogether too!

Mortice locks can display many more different issues, the best thing to do is contact your local locksmith as soon as you start having problems such as the key starts being difficult, or the handle feels loose. Your local locksmith will be able to either repair or replace the broken locks.

Is Your Mortice Lock BS3621?

Mortice locks have been around for so long, and when you are called out to replace the lock it’s often because of this reason. Most people do not know that their current mortise has fallen short of British Standards- making them unsafe in today’s world with advances technology every day!

The security industry is always improving their efforts to make sure that homes are safe from break-ins. This means over time, your lock may become outdated and no longer meet the standards of safety in this day and age; which can lead you down an unsafe path with risks like forced entry or manipulation by burglars

The good news? You don’t have too! With mortice locks meeting or exceeding BS3621 (British Standard), there has never been more opportunity for homeowners who want protection against these threats at home. Simply contact your local locksmith to upgrade your mortice lock.

If you need to improve your door security by upgrading or repairing your mortice lock, contact Easy Pickings Locksmiths today – 0113 805 0761

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