5 Places You Should Never Leave A Door Key

Door Key

Leaving a spare door key in a “safe place” is never really safe! Find out just how dangerous it can be by reading below in this blog.

You Should Never Leave A Spare Door Key:

Under Rocks – This may seem like a good hiding place, however, it is quite obvious when something has been hidden under a rock as it leans to one side as oppose to sitting flat on the ground. Burglars look out for this and will spot it a mile off!

Putting Keys in Wallets/Purse – Again this may seem like a relatively safe place, and as long as you don’t loose your wallet or purse it is! But if you were to loose your wallet or purse with your keys inside then this would be very dangerous! Most of us keep some form of ID in our wallets/purse often displaying address ID as well, this means not only would a potential thief have your keys but they will know exactly where to go to use them!

In Bushes/Flowerpots – Burglars are clued up to most places a key can be found that has been hidden outside a property and in flowerpots and bushes are one of the first places they will check!

On Top Of The Door Frame – Most people wouldn’t even consider this to be an obvious place to look for a key, however, burglars are so clued up they will always try there luck checking this spot! Not only is a key quite visible when left on top of a doorframe but it’s the perfect place for a burglar to get quick access to your home without attracting unwanted attention.

Under The Doormat – This is the most popular hiding place for door keys and burglars know this! It has been used for many years and unfortunately, will probably still be used for many years to come. This is definitely the first place a burglar would check for a hidden door key, so by leaving a key here your practically inviting burglars in and leaving them a key to do so!

It is never advised to leave spare door keys anywhere around your property it is best to leave it with a trusted neighbour or drop it off with the person that needs access while you are away.

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