5 Overlooked Security Issues At Home


There are lots of things that need to be considered when it comes to home security and as such there are often a number of important things that tend to get overlooked. Home security is not just about ensuring you have the best door locks available or security lights on the outside of your property. We have made a short list identifying some of the most overlooked security issues to ensure you don’t fall into the same trap.

Jewellery and Other Precious Goods

When a burglar strikes one of the main things that generally gets stolen is peoples jewellery they may take family heirlooms, things of personal significance and other valuables. The best way to defend against burglars when it comes to these sorts of items is to have a secure safe installed into your property. Ensure that the safe is installed in a secret location that is out of the way or not immediately obvious to any intruders. It is also a good idea to get valuable goods insured just to be on the safe side.

Power Tools and Accessories

People often spend fortunes on power tools and electrical equipment and are an easy target for would-be thieves. Engraving tools with your address is often a good idea or use a UV ink pen to make it easier for police to identify them as stolen if retrieved. Ensure that all outbuildings and garages etc where these sorts of good are stored are secured properly with heavy duty locks.

Identity and Important Documentation

One thing people tend to overlook when looking at their home security is valuable documents such as birth certificates, tax documentation and utility bills and so on. These items can be just as valuable to a burglar as a tv or hi-fi system. Identity theft is on the rise and these sorts of documents are perfect for a burglar to steal your identity and take out credit in your name and so forth. It is a good idea to have a fireproof safe to secure these sorts of documents to ensure you do not become a victim of identity theft if somebody does decide to burgle your home.

Medication & Tablets

Medication and tablets are another big target for burglars, so ensuring you have all your medication stored away in a secure location will not only deter burglars from stealing them but also keep them safe from children and forgetful older people.

PINS, Passwords and Security Logins and Information

Many people use online banking these days and these often come with long customer numbers, passwords, and pins that one must remember. As there are so many different numbers to remember people often write them down either in a little book or on piece of paper. One usually finds themselves writing this important information in one place, which is perfect for a burglar to empty your bank account! Do not write all your passwords and pins in one place have them spread out and not in any obvious place. If you are keeping this information on a computer or laptop, ensure to encrypt the information in a password-protected file.

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